Emotional Agility – A Mantra For Life

Dr. Susan David’s chapter headings in “Emotional Agility: Get Unstuck, Embrace Change, and Thrive in Work and Life” should be mantras for all of us in an over-stimulated, hyper-competitive, ground shifting working world…. and there is advice for the home and personal relationships as well.

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Emotional Agility is common sense and a wake up call to “loosen up, calm down, and live with more intention.” “We know, we know,” we say…but we don’t practice these tenets as much as we should. We reject this advice because in a competitive world it seems downright counterintuitive. Readers may agree in principle with everything David has to say, but when are we going to find time to actually Do It?

Life Hacks

Well, “start small” says David, among other life hacks she offers. Tiny tweaks to our schedules and behavioral practices amount to a great deal more in the long run, allowing for adjustment, refinement, and spontaneity. Among all the great points David makes, the one that hit home for me was, “we make decisions that are not our own.” Read this great, easy book to find out how and why. Better yet, use it as it as a Personal Primer for Life.

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The Tip of the Social Media Iceberg

We Only See the Tip Of the Social Media Iceberg

Mara Einstein, “a (wise) old time marketer,” has written a well-researched book on the manipulation of online sharing in social media that was truly never meant to create human bonds but provide data about potential consumers. Deeply concerning, did you know, you may or may not get a job or a mortgage because of the creditworthiness of your friends on online social sites?

The author, Mara Einstein

Mara Einstein’s Black Ops Advertising

Her book, Black Ops Advertising is much of what we think we already know but provides details about data brokers, the impending disaster of the “deal with the devil” that formerly prestigious news outlets are making in order to stay financially afloat, and the psychological flaws behind providing us with “unique” experiences.

Einstein does not bash this industry as much as pluck out the differences between Native Advertising (is it real news?) and Content Marketing (want some excitement?). She appreciates the commercials of the Super Bowl Games and the intelligence of making the consumer the hero and not the product. No fan of “in your face” advertising, she gives numerous examples of media events that turned out to be well staged marketing schemes – Ellen at the Oscars, an organization’s implanted ad that looked like a top event (it never happened at all) and almost brought down a respected magazine, and the “irrelevant” Twitter post of a TV star who “happened” to be wearing high-end headphones that ultimately received over 500,000,000 individual impressions – for headphones! She quotes many of the obfuscating CEO’s who are “just trying to do right by society.”

Enjoyable, hopeful, and detailed, this book frames our need to share, by word of mouth, online, and through paid endorsements because we want to create and keep social bonds, be helpful, and manage how others see us. It is a peek into our souls and needs, and how commerce is using that information.

Excellent book.

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Mastering and Enhancing Workplace Relationships

Manage the Relationships, Then Manage the Goals

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Increasing Confidence and Cultivating Assessment, Strategy, and Communication Skills

“Business environments require different types of personal interactions and collaborative efforts. My work, based on years as a CEO and PTSD therapist, bridges the gap between empowering therapy and organizational development.”

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