Systems, Psychology, and Finance

Organizational Behavior Advisor/Strategist

* Teaching Organizations to Communicate Across Generational and Cultural Differences
* Advising Companies on HR Strategies: Assessment, Management, and Facilitation
* Reporting the Cost/ Benefit Analysis of HR Efforts and Fails
* Assisting HR Software Companies with Organizational Behavior Tenets
* Making Sense of the Data – Data Collection Protocols
* Organizational Behavior Research

Take It Apart: Make It Stronger – Astute observation, relational tools, and maintaining the “edge”
Within Conflict – Managing disagreement and leveraging conflict for effective collaboration

Strategic Transitions and Change Consulting/ Advising for Leaders, Managers, and Groups
* Overcoming resistance
* Relational skills building
* Matched goals orientation

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If you are looking for real sustainable change, pay attention to the motivations, values, and resistance of the stakeholders.

Using a combination of real “on-deck” business skills as a former CEO, clinical and organizational psychologist, and financial/ economic experience within systems I help create potential and optimize current workplace situations behavior.

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See Them, Know Them, Engage Them

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