Emotional Agility – A Mantra For Life

Dr. Susan David’s chapter headings in “Emotional Agility: Get Unstuck, Embrace Change, and Thrive in Work and Life” should be mantras for all of us in an over-stimulated, hyper-competitive, ground shifting working world…. and there is advice for the home and personal relationships as well.

Find Susan David, PhD

Emotional Agility is common sense and a wake up call to “loosen up, calm down, and live with more intention.” “We know, we know,” we say…but we don’t practice these tenets as much as we should. We reject this advice because in a competitive world it seems downright counterintuitive. Readers may agree in principle with everything David has to say, but when are we going to find time to actually Do It?

Life Hacks

Well, “start small” says David, among other life hacks she offers. Tiny tweaks to our schedules and behavioral practices amount to a great deal more in the long run, allowing for adjustment, refinement, and spontaneity. Among all the great points David makes, the one that hit home for me was, “we make decisions that are not our own.” Read this great, easy book to find out how and why. Better yet, use it as it as a Personal Primer for Life.

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